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Mt Kenya which forms part of the Central Highlands is Africa’s second highest mountain at 5199 metres. Part of the mountains attraction is the variation of flora and fauna found at different altitudes. Its gleaming and snow covered peaks can be seen for miles around and its lower slopes are intensively cultivated by the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru tribes.

Mt Kenya’s highest peaks of Batian and Nelion can only be reached by mountaineers with technical skills. We do arrange for Techincal and Ice climbing and we have 2 routes, either:

However, most climbers are only able to reach the more accessible Point Lenana at 4985m using the different routes available. Please see our selected routes/itineraries below:

For those with a little more time and desire for adventure, we do have an 8-Day Hiking Itinerary combining the Aberdare Slopes with Mt Kenya