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Visit the Central Highland of Kenya to climb, Mt. Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. Engage our experienced guides who will help you climb Mt. Kenya. Dare enough and take a technical climb adventure through cliffs ridges and ice routes to reach the famous 3 million years old Batian and Nelion peaks or subscribe to our less technical but popular group trek to Lenana peak or book an 8-day hiking itinerary which involves going through slopes of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare slopes meant for people who wish to spend less time hiking.

Exploration is also inevitable as you can explore thousands of vegetation and animal species. Take a safari drive to Mt. Kenya National Park to view wildlife and birdlife species in Mt. Kenya National Park or adjoining conservancies.

Take your time to interact with the local community including the Gikuyu, Embu and Meru people commonly known as Gem, living on the slopes of the mountain. Go through the highlighted list of activities below and select a package that fits you or talk to us to see what we can customize for you. The package minimum requirement is two people for the individual package or three people for group package.

Terms and conditions apply.

However, most climbers are only able to reach the more accessible Point Lenana at 4985m using the different routes available. Please see our selected routes/itineraries below:

For those with a little more time and desire for adventure, we do have an 8-Day Hiking Itinerary combining the Aberdare Slopes with Mt Kenya