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Karibu Kenya, the place where the world comes to discover. Explore manifold sceneries, landscapes, bird and wildlife commonly found in Kenya but rare in the rest of the world.  Kenya is the place where the world’s big animals like the big cats and mammals still dominate their natural territory. Enjoy the spectacular and natural views like in every July each Year the wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles migrate across Tanzania, Mara River to Maasai Mara Searching for pasture.

At Kenya Safari Lodge, we offer a variety of safari adventures and Expeditions. We have a range of Lodge Safari Packages but if they cannot excite you enough we offer customized safaris to make your Safari expedition even more exciting. Flexibility is the spirit at Kenya lodge, we customize itineraries to meet your group and individual needs. We understand the need for uniqueness that is why we customize our safari.  If you want to set up a customized safari, mail us your plan, the cost will then vary depending on the mode of transport, the standard of the place of accommodation, the length of the Safari, the size of your group parks and activities that you are interested in. We do Road Safari daily provided that we have a minimum of two clients.

We have numerous modes of transport varying from most commonly used land cruisers, more expensive jeeps and less frequently used mini buses. Our clients have options to choose from depending on their ability to budget.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania combined