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Welcome to Eastern & Southern Safaris

At Eastern & Southern Safaris, we welcome you to visit Africa to see all that this amazing continent has to offer. When you are ready for an adventure, our wildlife safaris, flying safaris, and lodge safaris are just what you need. This is the place to come for a Safari adventure experience unlike any other you have had before. The South and East African regions have many different forms of wildlife which include a variety of different mammals and birds from Kenya, Tanzania, and the surrounding areas. You can also view first hand our beautiful, natural habitat and cultural diversity that is unlike any other place in the world.

Landscapes That Take Your Breath Away

Eastern & Southern Safaris can take you and your group to faraway landscapes that you have only seen in pictures. These landscapes are breathtaking with gorgeous sandy beaches that are beautiful, pristine, and simply unmatched. We are excited to offer a wide range of different safari packages that can be tailored to your unique preferences. Our goal is to not only offer travellers the best safari programs but also to provide uniquely personalized services that effectively meet each explorer’s needs.

We can accommodate different interests, budgets, and timeframes to create the perfect safari package for each traveler or group of travellers. Our packages including trips to Prison Island on Zanzibar, Kenya Safaris, Tanzania Safaris, Uganda Safaris, and Rwanda Safaris.

Get ready for an amazing experience with Eastern and Southern Safaris. Give us a call to reserve your trip by calling us at +254 (0)20 2242828 / 2212371 / 2251574

Karibu Kenya, Welcome to Africa

All of us…the team at Eastern & Southern Safaris invites you to visit Africa and experience our part of the continent for the adventure it offers. This is the place to come for safari. The East Africa Region is bestowed with lots of wildlife including a variety of birds and mammals, and also exhibits a cultural diversity and natural habitat like no other. It’s beautiful scenery with breathtaking landscapes and white sandy beaches is unmatched, and we are enthusiastic about our growing list of exciting and personalised safari packages. At ESS, we not only present travellers with the standard safari programs, but are keen and always go the extra mile to understand and meet the needs of the traveller, hence offering personalised services all through. We are able to accommodate different forms of interests, time frame as well as valid budgets.

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